IMG4512 3. Minute. Space.

With the following 3 minute exercise you re-open yourself to new experiences, allow feelings to be and exist, but also engage yourself in more then only your body and brain as 2 different objects.

Stage One: acknowledging

Sit or stand with a tall spine. Close your eyes, feel the body grounded.

Without casting judgement,  notice how your body feels: not thinking about the breath – rather, tuning in with your body’s visceral, moment-by-moment sensations.

You might notice how your spine lifts gently out of your pelvic region, or the felt contact of your legs on the ground/chair. Is there tingling in the fingers or toes?

Notice the texture of your experience without becoming drawn into it, or pushing it away. Become a quiet observer, just noticing.

Next, become aware of your thoughts in exactly the same way: a gentle, open attention. Are your thoughts fast or slow? Are any thoughts prevalent in your mind? Are your thoughts tending towards the past, or the future?

Do not try to change anything – just hold your observations gently in your awareness.

Now also become aware of your emotions in the same way – and also without trying to ‘fix’ or change anything. Just be, kindly, with what is arising.

Come gently back to this broad, soft awareness, whenever you notice you are becoming entangled with thoughts or worries.

Stage two: the breath

After a minute or so, gently redirect your attention to your breath –  to each inbreath, and to each outbreath.

Just notice your breathing without altering it: its speed, texture, quality; and where you can feel the breath most alive in the body.  Your breath is an anchor to bring you back to  the present.

Keep coming back to the sensation of the breath, whenever you become aware of being distracted. Do this with kindness, without judgement.

Stage three: expanding

Expand the field of your awareness around your breathing, so that you become aware of your whole body: your posture, breath, facial expression, the space around your body.

Gently broaden out this awareness to notice the nature of your whole experience.

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