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The story
of Watch Now

Watch Now Story

For a couple of years we’ve been working together as business partners. Young and ambitious, but also always working and rushing through life. One more last-minute project, another very social network gathering, a not-so-quick coffee with an old acquaintance and all other things we do because of mayor #fomo. With full booked calendars we’ve tried to rescue our sanity with collecting an unnameable amount of books, activities and events to try and live in the now. However, through all this soul-searching we forgot to look around us and actually live in the now. We found ourselves forgetting to enjoy the moments as they were happening, because we were too busy planning how to live our lives.

A little reminder

So, in a quest to start appreciating this journey called life, we needed a little daily reminder. That is why we created this new Watch Now collection. A meaningful awareness accessory to provide us with the memo to not be so aware of time, but just be thankful for the moment that we are in.

Be appreciative of what is really important

Our goal is to inspire people to be more appreciative of the things that are happening around them, both big and small. Be aware of what is truly important. Slow down and bring yourself back into the now. We hope you enjoy your Watch Now as much as we do.