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Inspiration blogs about living in the present moment

Try creating a Do-Not list instead of a To-Do list

Wanting to finally finish that book you’ve put off for so long? Or are you longing for some peace of mind so that you can concentrate on that important project that is nearly due? Say no more, fam. We’ve got your back. From our ears to yours, here’s our ultimate curated playlist to clear your mind...

Do-Not list

Mindful like a cat in 7 steps

Go back Mindful like a cat in 7 steps Usually, I’m pretty calm and organized. But sometimes it’s just one of those days where I feel jittery all the time. While tripping over the mess I should have cleaned up the previous day and try to make myself a cup of coffee before my client calls be for a Skype meeting, I hear the urgent tone of a stream of incoming emails, which are drowned out by the...

Mindful als een kat mindful like a cat

The ultimate playlist to clear your mind

Wanting to finally finish that book you’ve put off for so long? Or are you longing for some peace of mind so that you can concentrate on that important project that is nearly due? Say no more, fam. We’ve got your back. From our ears to yours, here’s our ultimate curated playlist to clear your mind...

playlist the watch now

Five phrases to tell yourself in the mirror

Believing in your own success is essential when trying to achieve personal growth. Our beliefs about ourselves can greatly affect how we perform throughout school, work and our day to day lives. Living a more positive, happy life can be as simple as what we tell ourselves...


The Relaxed Millennial: A guide to keep calm in a world of #FOMO

FOMO, which stands for “fear of missing out” is a real-life paradox (mostly caused by social media) that has plagued millennials causing significant stress in their lives. FOMO makes everyday life look as dull as dishwater. Listen, we get it. But it’s okay to not always be in the know and to sometimes march to the beat of your own drum...

Fomo the relaxed millenial

The struggles of being an old soul

Do you sometimes feel as if you don’t fit in and just prefer being on your own; That you feel way more comfortable with people older than you and are attracted to all things vintage. You might be an old soul!

The law of attraction

For years the law of attraction has been a subject of discussion between philosophers, thinkers, and writers. Does it work, and if so, how does it work? Could you really change your entire life by committing to the law of attraction?

Mindful in the morning

Every new day is an opportunity to start fresh and take a moment to think about how you get up in the morning. Hopefully these small tips will help you step by step.

How to calm your monkey-mind

Why is it so hard for us to appreciate living in the moment? When at work we keep fantasising about going on vacation; as soon as we’re there, all we do is stress about work. This is caused by our so-called “monkey-minds”. Here are a few tips to calm your monkey-mind.

Mindfulness activities for kids

After discovering mindfulness for yourself, it is something you would like to share with your loved ones of course! And who better to share it with, than your children? It will leave them less stressed, feel less anxious and teach them an awareness of their body and mind.

Top 3 best mindfulness apps

We all need a moment in our lives just to relax. To forget about everything and give our head a little break. There are a lot of exercises to control your breath and body. But nowadays applications are doing the work for you, all you have to do is install en listen. Below you find 3 mindfulness apps that can help you find true inner peace.

listening music headphone

How to relax on a Sunday

You are finally free and have a busy week ahead. With everything that is coming, it is not entirely possible to find peace or enjoy that Sunday. Sometimes it’s hard to remember how to enjoy a day off. With all the things going on from last week and new stuff from next week your head is full on a Sunday. Read this blog and check these relaxing tips so you can get everything out of this day!

Lazy sunday

Top 5 ultimate yoga retreats

Are you feeling tired and spent? Maybe it’s time for an escape from the daily grind. A yoga retreat is the perfect way for you to re-balance your mind, your body and your spirit, restore your well-being and get back to yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you have never done yoga before or are an advanced yogi; it’s an experience that will definitely transform and rejuvenate you. We have rounded up the top 5 ultimate yoga retreats!

Top 6 festivals where time stands still

If you love to travel, a wellness festival may be the best way to satisfy your wanderlust. Unlike conventional music festivals, these events offer an unforgettable experience in a breathtakingly beautiful location, while giving you plenty of opportunities to explore new ways to nourish your body, mind and soul and connect with like-minded people. The hardest part might be choosing which festival you want to go to this year! To help you narrow down your options, we have listed the 6 best festivals where it feels like time stands still…

10 ways to slow down and enjoy the present moment

As much as we would all love to just close our eyes, breathe and clear our heads, without feeling rushed or thinking that we have to be somewhere else, most of us find this very difficult. However, you don’t have to spend hours meditating in the traditional sense in order to become more mindful. Below are 10 ways to slow down and enjoy the present moment, and help you to become more mindful during your everyday life.

10 simple things everyone can do to make a difference

There are so many insecurities in life. The biggest, most inevitable insecurity is death. Some wonder what happens to us when we die. We have no way of knowing, and death is something none of us can escape. However, we can influence what we leave behind. And for a lot of people, this is what gives their lives meaning – they want to leave behind a better world. And you really don’t have to invent a cure for cancer in order to make a difference in the world. The smallest acts of kindness can have a huge impact, maybe more than you can imagine.  

5 reasons to detox, juice

You’ve probably noticed that detoxing, or ‘juicing’, has gained a lot of popularity lately. But does it really work? Well, with the right approach, a regular detox can result in some very positive effects…

5 charities you haven’t heard of yet

Donating to charities you’re passionate about is an excellent way to make a difference. To inspire you, we’ve rounded up 5 charities you probably haven’t heard of yet. These are all unique and amazing charities, and they need your help to keep doing the awesome things that they do.