Can I buy my Watch.Now. only online, or is it also available in shops?

You can buy your Watch.Now. only online. In the future there will be shops where Watch.Now. will be available. Please check our website regularly for updates.

I have a question about my order at Watch.Now. How can I reach you?

You can contact Watch.Now. by email hello@thewatchnow.com

I have bought my Watch.Now. online. Can I return this?

Yes, that is possible. You can send it back to our address, stated on the contact page.

My Watch.Now. is broken. Can I return this?

Yes, that is possible, within one month of order. After one month, just accept this: things can break in life.

When I would like to buy a Watch.Now: how do I know what the quality is?

When you click in the shop on a product we explaine the materials that are used of Watch.Now. as much as possible. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact hello@thewatchnow.com

I have received a Watch.Now. as a present, but would like to exchange this. Is this possible?

If your Watch.Now. has been bought through our online shop, this is definitely possible. There is 1 month return policy.

How can I wear my Watch.Now.?

Any day, any time, any where, as long as you realize, you are living right now!

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