Simply being aware of the present experience, that is what Watch.Now. is about.

Mindful living is developed for everyone who seeks to improve quality of life.

We tend to drink, hear, listen, eat, smell, experience and communicate in an automatic way, without being unaware. We can learn to live in a moreconscious way, aware of each and every moment, as it unfolds……….

Watch.Now. is symbolic of mindfulness and mindful living, and can help you to:

– learn how to deal with difficult emotions, like tension, anxiety or pain –

– spend less energy on worrying –

– be able to enjoy a busy life –

– find more moments of joy and inner stillness –

– experience each moment with awareness –

Watch.Now. is the moment awareness accessory that gives you that little hint on where you are living.

Now, in this moment, the present. Hopefully it will help us, to be more aware, to notice what is happening now.

Watch Now Liduine Smals 2

The founder of this brand, came into contact with mindful living and moment awareness in 2013 when she experienced a physical burn-out. Mindful living and moment awareness gave her a better insight of the hectic life we often tend to lead. Just a little reminder, was al she needed. That’s how she came up with Watch.Now. The accessory that could give her a bit of help, reminding NOW is important, NOW is when you experience life, no need to judge this, just be here.

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