The Relaxed Millennial: A guide to keep calm in a world of #FOMO

TWN morning relax

FOMO, which stands for “fear of missing out” is a real-life paradox (mostly caused by social media) that has plagued millennials causing significant stress in their lives. FOMO makes everyday life look as dull as dishwater. Listen, we get it. But it’s okay to not always be in the know and to sometimes march to the beat of your own drum…

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Five phrases to tell yourself in the mirror

The biggest misconceptions about mindfulness

Believing in your own success is essential when trying to achieve personal growth. Our beliefs about ourselves can greatly affect how we perform throughout school, work and our day to day lives. Living a more positive, happy life can be as simple as what we tell ourselves…

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The ultimate playlist to clear your mind


Wanting to finally finish that book you’ve put off for so long? Or are you longing for some peace of mind so that you can concentrate on that important project that is nearly due? Say no more, fam. We’ve got your back. From our ears to yours, here’s our ultimate curated playlist to clear your mind…

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