How to calm your monkey-mind


Why is it so hard for us to appreciate living in the moment? When at work we keep fantasizing about going on vacation; as soon as we’re there, all we do is stress about work. This is caused by our so-called “monkey-minds”. Here are a few tips to calm your monkey-mind.

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Mindfulness activities for kids


After discovering mindfulness for yourself, it is something you would like to share with your loved ones of course! And who better to share it with, than your children? It will leave them less stressed, feel less anxious and teach them an awareness of their body and mind.

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How to relax on a Sunday

watch now sunday relax impression

You are finally free and have a busy week ahead. With everything that is coming, it is not entirely possible to find peace or enjoy that Sunday. Sometimes it’s hard to remember how to enjoy a day off. With all the things going on from last week and new stuff from next week your head is full on a Sunday. Read this blog and check these relaxing tips so you can get everything out of this day!

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Top 3 best mindfulness apps


We all need a moment in our lives just to relax. To forget about everything and give our head a little break. There are a lot of exercises to control your breath and body. But nowadays applications are doing the work for you, all you have to do is install en listen. Below you find 3 mindfulness apps that can help you find true inner peace.

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